I’m so excited to announce the relaunch of the Gourmom. After many life changes I am back with so much inspiration and motivation and I am thrilled to share this with you. I hope that this blog will help, inspire, educate you and maybe put a smile on your face too.  In the coming weeks I will begin with recipes for the slow cooker, which I have rediscovered my love affair with. It’s an indispensible tool in any mom’s arsenal and it’s also much more energy efficient than cooking on the stovetop. I’ve also gotten really into cooking Indian dishes that are child friendly, economical and full of nutrition and healing spices. Moroccan, Middle Eastern and North African flavors have been dominating my kitchen these days allowing me to use vegetables in many more diverse and delicious ways. I am going to share with you not only full out recipes but my “cop-out” meals as well, because even though I work as a cook professionally it doesn’t mean that I don’t have those nights too. I welcome your feedback. Let me know how I am doing and what you would like to see and I will do my best to provide it. The first post will be arriving shortly!